Fancy Cassie

Fancy Cassie Doll ClothesI grew up in the 50’s with my three sisters who all loved to dress up in fancy & frilly dresses, and to dress up our dolls as well. We spent hours “playing house”, bathing our dolls in our bathinette, dressing them, washing their clothes & hanging them up to dry on a line outside.  Fun memories!

All dressed up 1955

Happy Birthday Cassie – 1955

When I was a young teen and considered “too old for dolls”, I remember being quite jealous when my little sister, Ellen, received an auburn-haired doll for her birthday, along with a small suitcase of beautifully hand-sewn clothes from our Aunt Lois. Aunt Lois was an interior designer and an executive for Chrysler Corporation as VP of Interiors. I believe she was the first female VP in the automotive industry (back in the 50’s). Aunt Lois was extremely creative and loved beautiful fabrics, and for the next three or four years Ellen received additions to her doll’s wardrobe all lovingly made by Aunt Lois. Her doll had a fluffy pink bathrobe and matching lacey nightgown, dresses with matching pantaloons, a wool coat and hat, play outfits and sun dresses. We all enjoyed Ellen’s doll (and she was sweet about sharing her special treasure with her sisters) and Aunt Lois’exquisitely crafted fashions sparked my love for creative sewing.

Many years later, when I was raising my two little daughters, I wanted to recreate that magic for them of having their own dolls with a collection of hand-made outfits.

Bombay 1987

Bombay, India 1987

But as all young mothers know, it is very hard to find time for sewing projects, especially when you have a full-time career and are raising a family. My husband and I were called to missionary service and when our daughters were young we were often on extended mission trips in Ecuador, Chile, India and Bangladesh. So our two daughters grew up experiencing life in 3rd world countries and many cultures around the world. I also home-schooled the girls so time was very limited for sewing, and of course when we were travelling, I didn’t take my sewing machine along!

My love for sewing finally found fulfillment when I became a grandmother. You know what they say, “If I’d known how much fun grandchildren were going to be, I would have had them first.”  I have 6 wonderful grandchildren, and five of them are girls.  Poor Chad, the only boy with 5 sisters (yes all six are the children of my oldest daughter, Mercy).

Granddaughters Jane & Frances

Two of my granddaughters, Jane & Frances

I have truly enjoyed creating outfits for my five granddaughters’ dolls, and it’s become a tradition at Christmas that each granddaughter receives some additions to her doll’s wardrobe.  I especially enjoy finding beautiful fabrics and matching the dress design to the fabric choice.  If you check out the photo gallery you can see some of my earlier creations & outfits that were made for my granddaughters.

It is my greatest wish to bring the enjoyment of personal, handmade creations to little girls everywhere through the Fancy Cassie label. You can be sure that each and every Fancy Cassie creation is made with the same painstaking care as those made for my own granddaughters as doll clothes they will enjoy now and treasure as keepsakes that are passed down to daughters and granddaughters for years to come.

Thank you so much for visiting our site – and my hope is that each Fancy Cassie outfit will thrill the heart of some young girl.

Cassie Dakis, aka “Fancy Cassie”